Q: When is practice? 2016 Season
A: Varsity: Monday – Friday 3:30p to 5:30p
Q: Location of Practices? 2016 Season
A: Varsity practices on the Softball field located next to the Chapel Store on Sunflower. We also will practice at the batting cages and weight room at The Charis Building.
Q: Days of Games?
A: Usually played on Tuesdays and Thursdays; however, there are may be some exceptions.
Q: What time do the games start?
A: Generally home and away games start at 3:15p. Check the official softball schedule for details. CCHS Varsity Softball Schedule - this link will take you to MaxPreps and away from the CCHS Softball page.
Q: Will there be transportation to away games?
A: Yes, the athletes will transported to the away game field by bus or school vans.
Q: Will there be any athletic fees for playing a 2nd or 3rd sport?
A: There is an annual flat fee of $300 to play 1 or more sports.
Note: Each sport may have their own participation fees/spirit pack fees. Please inquire with the Coach to find out what those fees may be.
Q: Will we be doing any fundraising?
A: Yes, throughout the season we will be fundraising for our program which can also help raise money for your spirit packs, program, banquet, and more. And our biggest fundraiser is our TNT Firework Stand on the corner of MacArthur and Harbor in the Del Taco/Carl’s Jr. parking lot.
July 1st – 4th – Google Maps Link:
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